Owning a vacation rental property is one of the best ways to diversify your real estate portfolio while also building your wealth. It is a great additional source of income and a nice place to relax if you want to have some rest and recreation. You get to have your own vacation home while also gaining profit from it. But managing a vacation rental can have its highs and lows.

If you're a vacation rental property owner, you know how tough it can be to stand out in a crowded market and get regular bookings. 

Here are 6 vacation rental upgrades that convert rental inquiries to bookings:

1. Invest in a fully-functional kitchen.

Although most guests will be spending their time exploring the town and trying out new restaurants, guests who will be staying in your rental for two or more days might probably want to cook for themselves on some days. So having a fully-functional kitchen is essential to keep your place booked for several days. Make sure your kitchen is equipped with necessities – pots and pans, plates and bowls, knives and chopping boards, and other silverware. Investing in high-quality appliances can have high upfront costs but it will pay off in the long run. Advertising that your place has a beautiful and fully-functional kitchen in your rental listing will surely attract more renters.

2. Spruce up the bathroom.

Another factor that most guests consider when looking for a place to rent is the bathroom. Unfortunately, most home rental owners don’t pay much attention to this area. They think that everything's good as long as there’s running water and proper drainage. But you can do more than that! Improving your bathroom can make a big difference to your home rental.

Start with the basics. Ensure that the water heater works, check if the toilet is flushing properly, and make sure that the plumbing is regularly maintained. Upgrade your bathroom by providing your guests with a spa-like experience. This can be achieved by adding simple touches, such as providing fluffy white towels, complimentary robes, nice-smelling soap, shampoo, and scented candles.

3. Upgrade the bedroom.

More than just having a place to sleep, some people rent vacation homes to indulge in luxury. This is what most guests find enticing in hotels – the king-sized bed with a comfortable mattress, topped with large fluffy pillows, and a warm comforter. But some people opt to rent vacation homes instead of hotels because of their flexibility and amenities. So why not give them both? Give them the luxury they want by upgrading the bedroom. Invest in high-quality bedding. Aside from this, make the room aesthetically pleasing that potential renters won’t be able to resist once they see the photos on your listing.

To increase your profit, you can also optimize sleeping spaces. The greater number of guests that you can accommodate per booking means more rental income. For some rooms, consider having bunk beds or pull-out couches. But make sure that you do this without cramping the space and without compromising the aesthetics. Ensure that the space will remain appealing and comfortable for guests.

4. Secured parking

Make sure to provide secured parking for your guests, especially if it can be difficult or expensive to park in the street. Many guests look for private parking when booking a vacation rental as it’s more convenient and makes them feel safer. If you currently don’t provide parking for your vacation rental, consider investing in a carport or garage if you have enough space. Trust me, it can be a worthwhile investment that can multiply your bookings.

5. Free WIFI

One of the first questions guests ask when booking a vacation rental is: “Is there WIFI?” WIFI is an essential service nowadays that people expect to have even when on vacation. People want to be able to stay connected to their loved ones, post photos of their vacation on social media, play games on their phones, and more. The number of people who work remotely has also tremendously increased since the 2020 pandemic. Some of these people book vacation rentals just so they can work somewhere more relaxing, but they might still need to report to work and attend meetings. Offering free WIFI can take one worry off of people’s heads. They’ll be able to truly relax, work, play, and do whatever they want to do while staying at your rental. Your guests will thank you for providing free and working WIFI.

6. Make your rental property pet-friendly

While it might not be considered an upgrade, transforming your vacation rental into a pet-friendly oasis will widen your market. People with pets often have a harder time finding a vacation rental that accepts pets. You’ll be able to increase your bookings if you practice some precautions and allow pets on your property. Of course, you should charge an additional fee or pet deposit in case of any unexpected damage that the furry friends incur.

Verbier Rental Properties in Mont Tremblant - Look for our rental coming soon in 2024!

By not only maintaining but continuously upgrading your vacation rental, you’ll surely be able to increase your bookings and multiply your earnings in no time. Remember, the key to a successful vacation rental is great reviews — and the key to great reviews is great experiences.

Before investing in a vacation rental property, it's important to do your research and ensure that it is allowed in your jurisdiction and/or condominium board. You may need to apply for a permit to operate a short-term rental, so it's best to clarify this before making a purchase. It's a great idea to seek the advice of professionals, such as our team and a lawyer, to help guide you through the process. Click here to contact our team to get started on your vacation home investment today.

PS If you're looking to buy a vacation rental in Ottawa, we can help. Outside of Ottawa? No problem, RE/MAX is a global company in over 110 countries around the world. We're happy to refer you to the right RE/MAX agent depending on the location!

Are you looking to sell your home this winter? You’ve come to the right place! People who look to buy properties during winter are usually serious buyers. They have a sense of urgency and want to close a property before the year ends. Don’t miss the opportunity to impress winter home buyers by avoiding these home staging mistakes!

Mistake # 1: Having too many holiday decorations

We get it, you’re excited to decorate for Christmas. But there’s a fine line between stylish and unpleasant. Holiday decor can definitely add a feeling of warmth and festivity, it can also highlight the beauty of your home. However, you need to remember that you don’t know the preferences of potential home buyers and too much decor might turn some of them off.

Mistake # 2: Turning off the heat

Having a cold home during winter can definitely deter prospective buyers. The cold can distract them from seeing the best features of your house. If you turn off your heater when you leave the house, you need to be aware of your open house and private showing schedules so that you can prepare ahead of time. A warm home is an inviting home, especially during winter. It would be a plus point for buyers if they feel warm and cozy when they tour your house.

Mistake # 3: Not clearing the entryway

If you live in a snowy area, chances are your driveway will be full of snow and ice. Your entryway might also be snowy and icy with traces of muck from the boots and shoes that enter the house. Your driveway and entryway are the first two things that buyers see, so it’s so important to keep them clean for a good first impression.

Mistake # 4: Having pets wander around

Winter is a time when pets stay longer inside the house. That only means that they’ll wander the house more, leave their toys on the floor, and leave pet hair all over the place. This is a big no-no when you’re expecting prospective buyers to tour your home. It can be unpleasant for some to sense the presence of a pet when touring a house.

Instead, you can have your pets stay only in one area of your home when they’re inside or have a friend or relative pet-sit them while the showings are ongoing.

Mistake # 5: Not bringing in enough light

It can get pretty dark during winter months, so make sure to bring in enough light to your home. Open the blinds and turn on all the lights even during the day. Show potential buyers that your home is a bright and welcoming place rather than a dark and uninviting space. Turn on the fireplace to add an extra cozy atmosphere at home. Instead, you can have your pets stay only in one area of your home when they’re inside or have a friend or relative pet-sit them while the showings are ongoing.

Mistake # 6: Not going above and beyond

Go above and beyond to make sure that your home is welcoming, cozy, and just what buyers are looking for. Add extra throw pillows and blankets in your living room, turn on the fireplace, light up scented candles, put away personal items, and always ensure that your house is clean and organized.

Home staging is definitely complicated, but it can be easier if you avoid these mistakes! Click here to learn about our team and how we can help you overcome these challenges and give you more guidance on how to stage your home better.


Millennials now represent the largest cohort of home buyers. Real estate agents and builders eagerly anticipated the entrance of millennials into the housing market. This generation is much bigger than the baby boomers. In 2018, millennials represented the largest cohort of home buying at 37%.

Millennial homebuyers are often looking for a lot at first and then they’re scaling back as they start searching for a home because of high prices and the limited selection of homes in most markets. But due to their lack of experience as homeowners, they do not compromise on the condition of the home.

So, there are a few things which millennials look at while purchasing a house:

Make Your Home Move-in Ready:
Millennials want the finished product at closing. They shift jobs and locations far more frequently than their parent's generation, so there’s no time for rolled-out home improvements. So, if you want to entice the Millennial audience, you must deliver a move-in-ready home that looks like it has tumbled off a magazine cover.

Get Sociable:

Young buyers are sociable creatures; most want a space where people can gather, mingle and socialize. Overall, they are more attracted to open-floor concepts than a layout that compartmentalizes the home. Some of the renovations you might consider include knocking down walls to provide an open-concept cooking/living/dining space and outdoor decks for entertaining.

Install Eco-friendly Features:
Millennials are a responsible generation with a collective social consciousness. Green lifestyle choices are a part of their DNA, and not embracing the move toward sustainability could be a deal-breaker for some younger buyers.

If your home falls short of the latest environmental standards, it may be worth boosting your home’s green credentials with a cost-effective retrofit. Energy-efficient heating, cooling and insulation are a selling point, or you could include sustainable materials such as bamboo in your flooring or kitchen cabinets.

The bottom line, selling to Millennials is not as complicated as you might think. Using these tips, you’ll be better equipped to prep your home to sell to this up-and-coming home-buying generation. Click here to get the most up-to-date trends and contact our team to get started.


Not every homeowner might realize it, but home equity might be their most valuable piece of possession.

You should consider it before deciding to buy a new property. And with enough knowledge and careful planning, you can reap long-term benefits from your home equity.

What is Home Equity?

Home equity is a portion of your home value that you truly own and can grow over time. It is your home’s market value minus the amount that you owe on it. It is the homeowner’s interest in his/her home.

For example, you purchased a property for $100,000, made a 20% down payment, and get a home loan to cover the $80,000 balance. Given this, your current home equity is 20% of the property’s value – which is $20,000. Although you are considered the property owner, you only officially “own” $20,000 of its value.

How did home equity become your interest as a homeowner? A property’s market value increases over time, which means your home equity grows as the value of your property grows.

Consider building your home equity as an investment. If you build your home equity faster, you will incur lower interest and have more opportunities to earn.

As a homeowner, there are various ways towards building up your home equity faster. We’ve listed the six best ways that you can do this.


1. Choose the Perfect Home Loan for You

There are different types of mortgage loans that homebuyers can choose from. The loan you get should depend on your income, the amount of down payment you will be able to pay, and the price of the house you intend to buy.

For example, first-time homebuyers might want to consider government-issued mortgages since they might have low cash savings and want more relaxed credit requirements.

Different types of mortgages have their pros and cons. Each lender has its own interest rates, terms and conditions, and requirements that might affect how fast you can build your home equity.

Before deciding on a home loan, compare each mortgage plan first to find out which best suits your status and needs.


2. Make a big down payment.

Consider paying a big chunk of the down payment when buying a property. Since your down payment will determine your initial home equity, a bigger payment means higher equity.

It will also help your home equity grow faster. For example, when the market value of your property doubles, you get a bigger share immediately vs. if you started with a lower down payment.

Making a big down payment will also lower the total amount that you owe to your lender, hence, making it easier to pay your monthly fees.


3. Make Home Improvements

Some might not think home improvements and renovations are important, but it’s a great way to boost the value of your property. When you do remodelling and improvement projects, the value of your home appreciates and so does your home equity.

However, you should also be mindful of the amount you spend on remodelling. You might end up spending more than increasing your home equity. Not all improvements need to be big. It can be as simple as adding attic insulation or replacing your garage door.

Before proceeding with a renovation, it would be best to seek advice from a real estate agent to know how to get the most returns on your improvement projects.


4. Accelerate your monthly amortization

Payment options depend on the country you live in. Some countries offer monthly, bi-weekly, weekly, and even accelerated weekly and bi-weekly payments. Choosing the right payment method depends on your income and how much of it you are willing to dedicate to your monthly amortization.

Choosing a bi-weekly or weekly option means that you’ll be paying 13 months a year instead of just 12 months (do the math). Meanwhile, an accelerated option means that you’ll be paying an extra amount with each payment.

It might seem heavy in your pocket, but trust us, it will benefit you more in the long term. These options will help you save a huge amount of interest and help you build your home equity in a shorter period.


5. Opt for a Shorter Loan Term

Choosing a shorter term for your mortgage means that you will have a lower interest. This is great because it means that most of your monthly payments will go to your principal instead.

It will also help you save time on building your home equity. The faster you pay your loan, the sooner you get full equity and reap the benefits that come with it.

However, this also means you must pay a higher monthly amount. So you should still carefully consider your budget before deciding on getting a shorter loan term.

If you already have a loan or if you can’t opt for a shorter term right now, you can also refinance into a shorter-term loan in the future.


6. Hold on to your property and wait for your home value to rise.

Most people choose to invest in real estate since the value increases over time. The longer you hold onto your property, the higher home equity you can get.

However, this doesn’t always mean that your home value will consistently increase over time. Since local housing markets change, your home value may also fluctuate.

So to get a higher return, wait until your home value increases before you sell your property.

Consult with a professional to check your current home value and to know when the best time to let go of it is.

It might seem overwhelming, but it is worth it!

Building your home equity might seem overwhelming at first, but it can be a breeze with proper planning and dedication. If you follow these six steps, you’ll be able to maximize the long-term benefits of your home equity.

It’s also important to recognize how important home equity is. Consider it as an investment or a forced savings account. You can use it to fund your retirement, rent or sell your home, and fund emergency expenses. You can even pass it down to your kids.

You can get the most out of what you are paying for when you build your home equity faster. It’s a win-win situation – you get to have a comfortable home while increasing the value of your property.

Now all you have to do is make a plan, commit, and take care of your home. Click here to contact our team of experienced Realtors today to get started.


Remodelling a kitchen these days can be as expensive as buying a car. However, there are ways to make your outdated kitchen look brand new without spending a fortune. Whether you want to renovate your whole kitchen or update a small part of it, these low-cost remodelling ideas will help you transform your kitchen into something you’ll love.

Repaint your cabinet doors instead of replacing them

Replacing old and outdated cabinets takes up a huge chunk of a kitchen’s remodelling cost. If your cabinets are still in good shape, repaint them with fresh and trendy paint colours and they will instantly give off a different vibe. White paint does wonders for outdated cabinets and can hide their old designs.

If you have decided to replace your cabinets, consider refacing them instead if the structure is still sound. Replace only cabinet handles or cabinet doors. Sprucing your cabinets with trendy cabinet designs will definitely give your kitchen a new look while only spending a fraction of the price.

Refinish your flooring

Depending on the area you have in your kitchen, redoing the floors can cost up to $4,000 or more. If you have old wooden flooring in your kitchen, you can try to sand and stain it instead. Replace wooden floor tiles that are too old with new ones and stain them together and you won’t know the difference.

If you are replacing your kitchen floors completely, you can save thousands of dollars if you choose a durable and DIY-friendly material. Installation takes up the bulk of the cost even if you choose cheap flooring materials, and choosing cheap flooring materials that don’t last will also cost you more in the long run. Some relatively inexpensive yet durable materials for your kitchen floor are ceramic tile, vinyl, laminate, and cork.

Update your backsplash and countertop

Materials that contribute to the overall look of your kitchen are your backsplash and countertop. The backsplash protects your kitchen wall from splashes and grease and will be your sight while you are cooking and cleaning. So you’ll also want to choose something that will be pleasing to the eye. Your kitchen countertop also provides an accent to the space.

While these can have a big impact on improving the overall look of your kitchen, it doesn’t need to be expensive. If your backsplash and countertops are still in good condition, replacing them will just be an additional expense. Update its look by using paint instead. For your backsplash, you can be creative by using a stencil to create an eye-catching pattern. For your countertops, aside from paint, you can add decor like fresh flowers and a bowl of fruit. These decorative touches will add colour and will make your space look refreshing.

Add under cabinet lights.

As a homeowner, you might have had a few issues with your current kitchen design. One of these is probably lighting. It might be the poor lighting on your countertop that makes it hard for you to prepare sumptuous meals. Or the yellow hue that your light box gives off in your kitchen. 

Improving the lighting of your kitchen doesn’t have to be expensive. This isn’t about pendant lights or eye-catching chandeliers. Say goodbye to those mini lamps that you added to your countertop. Install under cabinet lights instead. Under cabinet lights are cheaper, can be installed under almost any cabinet, and won’t compromise the look of your kitchen. This extra lighting will also help you prepare your family’s meals more comfortably.

Refurbish the appliances

When renovating a home, homeowners usually replace appliances as well. Since you want to improve your kitchen, of course, you would also want to have improved appliances. Moreover, some of your appliances might have been maximized and are already not in their best condition.

However, replacing them is not always the best option. It can be more economically and environmentally wise to refurbish your appliances. Improper disposal of appliances can harm the environment. Thankfully today, there is a lot of information available about fixing kitchen appliances. As well, many appliance shops offer parts and repair of appliances. By refurbishing appliances instead of buying new ones, you get to save money and save the environment as well.

While upgrading your kitchen can be a lot of work, it will definitely be worth it when you reach your kitchen goals. A kitchen is where we spend a lot of time cooking, eating, socializing, and making memories with our families. Invest in good quality kitchen design and it will benefit you and your family for a long time.


Living in our homes, we probably don’t constantly think about ways to improve its value. However, if you think about it, your house is probably one of the biggest investments that you’ve ever made. And as in any investment, it should only be natural that you would want to make sure that its value increases over time.

Whether we are thinking about selling it in the future or not, it’s essential to consider taking on small and simple do-it-yourself projects and renovations to improve our house. Taking care of our house and improving it will not only boost the value of our homes, but it will also improve our lifestyle and comfort.

DIY Interior Projects:

Repaint the walls and kitchen cabinets

No matter how much cleaning you do in your home, over the years, the paint on your walls might have already been damaged. If not, the colour might already be outdated and needs a little retouching to give it a refreshed look.

Kitchen cabinets also need to be given attention. Since you use your kitchen daily, kitchen cabinets are one of the items at home where grease and grime build up over time. Also, kitchen style trends change and you might want to keep the look of your kitchen updated.

Repainting is one of the best ways to transform your space without breaking the bank. What’s good about this is you can do it by yourself. Cans of paint only cost a few bucks but can completely change the look and feel of your home. A neutral colour scheme is the best option as it can make your space look bright, and airy, and will unify the elements in your home. Most importantly, a neutral colour scheme appeals to a wider variety of people; hence, expanding the range of your potential buyers.

Replace outdated fixtures

This is one of the easiest and cheapest things you can do to improve your home. It might not seem essential as small fixtures are often overlooked, but it will give your house a fresher look once you have taken on this transformation.

Replace rusty or old-fashioned fixtures such as curtain rods, doorknobs, faucets, outlet covers, showerheads, and light fixtures with modern and fashionable ones. You can also choose to give these fixtures a new chance at life by using spray paint to make them look new. Either way, this DIY project is super easy and relatively inexpensive.

Add space and storage where possible

Storage might seem like a small thing, but it is a home feature that many homebuyers desire. Old homes usually do not have enough storage or do not maximize their storage spaces. If you are living in a home with few storage spaces, you might want to rethink of ways that you are using your space.

It’s one thing to install additional cupboards and shelves, but it’s another to maximize a wall or a closet space that will help fit as many items while maintaining organization. Think outside of the box and research. The challenge will be to add an efficient storage space that will look clean and minimalist. When selling your house, this will surely help you stand out from the listings.

DIY Exterior Projects:

Upgrade your landscaping

A vibrant front yard can increase the value of your home as it can increase the curb appeal of your house and attract more homebuyers. A front yard is like the first impression of your house. Make sure that you make a good one!

For starters, you can grow perennial plants and flowers that are easy to maintain, such as roses or hydrangeas. You can also build a stone pathway leading to your porch. Other ideas are installing a green garland on your porch so that your house will look as if it’s connected to the surrounding greenery and installing light so that your plants can have a dramatic effect at night.

There are so many easy ways to upgrade your landscaping. It might be overwhelming, but make sure to choose something that is within your budget and time. Landscaping is a fun activity that you can even do with the whole family.

Bump up your curb appeal

The first thing that your potential buyer will see in your home is your front entrance. You need to make sure that by the first time they see it, it looks impressive and welcoming. You do not need to spend too much money to transform the look of your entrance. DIY decor will go a long way. Clean it up, replace your house numbers with a modern style, repaint your mailbox, or do the easiest way to brighten up an area – add plants.

Improving your curb appeal doesn’t need to be a tedious task. You just have to be creative on how you will maximize your resources to enhance the look of your porch. Keep in mind that this is the first thing that catches the attention of your potential buyers and helps them decide whether or not they will check out the property.

Check the gutters

Aside from improving your home by adding decor and doing retouches, cleaning your gutters should also be one of your projects to boost your home value. This isn’t just a part of your home maintenance, it also contributes to the overall quality of your home. If you ignore your gutters for a long time, problems like improper water drainage may arise and can cause damage to the structure of your home. These damages will lessen the value of your home and will force you to spend more money on repairs – something that you cannot do on your own.

So it is best to regularly check the gutters and clean them if needed. Ensure that it is always clog-free. It is better to put a little work on its maintenance on your own than to wait for the time that you actually need to have these things repaired.

A little perseverance and patience with housework can go a long way. It will save you tons of money and can eventually help you make more by increasing the value of your home. Aside from being able to maintain your home, you get to upgrade it with these DIY projects. It might be tiring but it will definitely be rewarding for you afterwards. Your house improvements will surely make you feel more comfortable staying at home.

It is really exciting to think about how your home can turn out by just doing these DIY projects. Have a happy home improvement!

Click here to contact our team today for DIY project advice on your current or future home!


We all want to have a home that’s free of clutter and mess. However, it’s often unavoidable for things to pile up throughout the years. Before we know it, our house is messy and unorganized. Shifting to minimalism in home decor is a great idea to have a fresh start at home.

Decorating a house with a minimalist style might seem easy, but it’s quite difficult to put together a simple yet stylish home. Here are some tips to have a home with a minimalist style:

1. Declutter

The first step to a minimalist home is decluttering. Recycle, donate, or throw out old and broken things that keep your home looking unorganized and messy. Learn to let go of things that you don’t need anymore.

Of course, we all have things that we absolutely can’t let go of, but make sure to keep those things hidden away. If you can’t let go of some of your things, it’s okay to just have the illusion that you have a minimalist home.

2. Quality over quantity

When it comes to choosing furniture and decor, make sure to choose quality over quantity. Choose only a few pieces but make sure that those pieces can play a major role in the design and overall feel of each room. It’s better to only have a few quality and timeless things and to make every piece count. Invest in things that are of quality.

3. Stick to neutrals

Stick to neutral colours that complement each other to have a calmer and more relaxing vibe that’s pleasing to the eye. You can choose one or two colours to highlight and add contrast to the room, but don’t add too many colours as your house may appear too busy. Add different hues instead to have a softer yet centralized design.

4. Focus on textures

Instead of using many different colours to decorate a room, layer in different textures instead. Contrasting textures add character to a room and will make your space look more stylish and interesting.

For example, you can put together touches of wood, concrete, woven decor, etc. Experiment with different finishes to see what works. Just make sure not to go overboard and to have an element that ties each item together – for example, the colour palette.

5. Add a touch of greenery

Adding plants and greenery to a room can make a room feel more alive. If a room looks too empty, placing plants in empty spots around the house can instantly add lush hues and unique textures. Plants also improve the oxygen circulation in a room and give anyone who sees it a breath of fresh air.

6. Improve your lighting

Light adds so much positivity and peace to a home. Use windows to your advantage to let natural light in to highlight your centrepieces and home decor. Natural light gives your home a softer glow and adds a calm and relaxing effect. You can also improve your lighting to make your minimalist home decor shine even at night.

Start decorating your home like a minimalist today and make your home look stylish and clutter-free. Make sure to keep it simple, but add your touch and personality as well. Keep it functional and stylish and you’ll surely love your home transformation!

Click here to contact us today for ideas to help stage and furnish your home in Ottawa!


You might not have thought about it before, but renovating your basement can significantly increase the value of your property. By renovating your basement and transforming it into something functional, you are creating an additional living space that people can make use of.
If you’re thinking that fixing up your basement will only waste your time and money, think again. Studies show that basement renovations regain about 70% of their costs at the time of resale.
Here are some awesome transformations that you can do to increase the value of your basement:


Your basement is a perfect space where the grown-ups can hang out. You can easily set it up by including a bar counter, stools, and your favourite booze. You can also add a cozy sofa to make the guests feel comfortable. And a big TV screen so you can watch your favourite movie while drinking. Whatever you feel like including. You have the freedom to customize the space depending on what you love to do with your friends.

Game room

Another way to upgrade your basement is by turning it into a game room. What’s more exciting than a home arcade? Set it up with your favourite arcade games, or maybe a PlayStation. How about some board games for bonding with the whole family? No need to go out of the house for some recreation. Perfect during this time when we are advised to stay at home.


Take this extra room as an opportunity to build your own personal gym! Your main expenses will only be the gym equipment. You can actually save more money in the long run as you wouldn’t need to pay for your gym membership. Plus, it’s a safer option during this time. But since this is the basement and there is limited airflow inside, you might need to do some renovations to improve the ventilation.

Home Theatre

If you think about it, the basement is the perfect place to have a home theatre. It’s cool, it’s dark, and you have enough space to mount a television or projector, and some comfortable reclining chairs. Home Theatres are on trend and a great way to bring the family together! 

Additional Bedroom

By renovating your basement, you could even create additional bedrooms. You can easily transform your basement into a bedroom by adding a bed and a closet. Trust me, you’re going to have a blast decorating and filling up your basement with furniture!
The only problem you might encounter in creating a bedroom is adding a form of egress or a way to exit the property in case of emergencies. Depending on how your basement is structured, it might take some effort to create a window that is big enough to escape to in case of emergencies.


Which transformation did you like?

We hope you find more value in your basement with all these ideas. The most neglected area in your home can actually be transformed into something beneficial and might actually improve your home. Renovating your basement might cost you some money, but think of it as an investment. When you create an additional living space in your home, your house will increase its value upon resale.
Don’t limit yourself to this list. Be creative and think of ways you can maximize the area in your basement. Click here to contact our team today for trusted contractors and trades in the Ottawa area to get started.