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Why Use a Realtor When Buying A New Home?


It’s one of your largest purchases so why not use professionals that have years of experience and knowledge and put them to work for you.

Under Buyer Representation, Realtors owe fiduciary responsibility. This means you have an expert that is looking out for your best financial interests and who’s contractually obligated to protect you. Builder Sales Representatives represent the builder not you! They are thinking about the current sale and do not represent your best interests.

New Home contracts can be complicated. A Realtor can help you understand how specific clauses and upgrade options affect you and make sure you know what you need to know before you sign.

We are on your side and can direct you to new properties that fit your budget in an area where you want to live. Realtors can work on your behalf to negotiate with the builder. Upgrade options, new home ownership fees, financing options, working with title companies, closing costs and contract terms are all important parts of the transaction process that we understand.

Important: Builder Sales Reps will often not discuss the other closing and new-home ownership costs required to budget for when buying your new home.

Realtors are Always Thinking About the Resale

Your home is an investment and the reality is that most people buy and sell every 5 to 7 years as their social and financial needs change. The following are important to consider when purchasing a new home.

i) Location of the property is very important (sun exposure, sidewalks, restrictions, easements etc.) Not only is the lot of your home important but the plans for the surrounding area are as well. We can inform you of any pending developments (commercial, residential, municipal) in your desired neighbourhood that may affect your decision to purchase.

ii) Upgrades; builder upgrades are very expensive and some you could easily do later when you have saved the money or have the time. When touring model homes together, we can help point out the added upgrades and features from the basic house. This way you know exactly what you are paying for. We can also suggest upgrades that will add value to your home for when you decide to sell.

iii) We know the Builders Reputations (they are not all equal). Some builders standards exceed others.

If you have any questions about purchasing new homes please do not hesitate to call, text or e-mail us.

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